Equipment Solution Partner

Dextratama strives to be “Equipment Solution Partner Company.” To achieve this, we will constantly work to be a reliable partner who adds real value to the businesses of our customers. The ultimate goal for Dextratama is to achieve consistent business growth and profitability. We are accomplishing this by developing lasting partnerships with our customers and suppliers, taking advantage of the latest technological advances and being a good corporate citizen.


“To be the trustworthy equipment solutions provider”

Core Values

  • Ethical – Always maintain and practice high level of business ethics on every aspect that we do.
  • High Class – Consistently aiming for high standard practices.
  • Demanding – In every business that we do, we constantly set a high level of internal expectations that satisfying the key stakeholders.
  • Proactive – Constantly seeking to improve operations for near perfection level.
  • Respectful – Continuously maintain high level of respect among customers, suppliers and marketplace.

Strategic Thrust

  • Improve our return on capital and grow the business profitably
  • Be seen by our customers as Equipment Solution Partner Company by adding real value to their business
  • Develop enduring partnership with our suppliers – We are their firstand mainchoice
  • Leverage technology
  • Be good corporate citizens

Company Establishment

PT Dextratama Nitya Sanjaya established since December 7th, 2015.